Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Was My Labor Day?!?

We pretty much did exactly what I said we were going do... A whole lotta nothing!

Brandon did finally plant some bushes we have been meaning to plant, but other than that, we stayed inside. We grilled steaks, they were yummy! But Timothy was very cranky because he wouldn't nap, so we didn't really want to go anywhere and take the risk of a major league freak out!

Today, I felt like a hamster on a wheel at work!! CRAZY! But I got to see Tbird at lunch, and that was awesome! :) After work Timothy and I went to Clemson and got dinner because daddy had to work late.

Once we got home, Timothy proceeded to play on his activity mat for close to an hour! He just kept scooting across the mat on his back. I ended up having to switch his position because he was sliding out onto the hard woods. The other way kept him on a soft rug if he scooted, which he did! By the time Heather came over, he was completely off the mat! haha!

Right now he is sleeping on our love seat..snoring, more specifically! And Brandon and I are both on computers right now... So that is our day! :)

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