Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Please Excuse the Lack of Posting

We are off this week, and are currently spending every second of the time cuddling our sweet boy! (No, he hasn't gone to daycare this week! Eek!) We are loving every giggle, every kiss and every hug! So, while-I love y'all, I will update y'all later.. No fear, I've taken plenty of pictures of our Christmas holiday! Until then... Enjoy this

Christmas, 2009

Christmas, 2010

Christmas, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have Y'all Heard of the Light People?

Last Friday night we went to dinner with Ray and Heather and then went to see lights...
But not your everyday, run of the mill lights, my friends. We went to see the Pelzer Light People! It was great fun! And our local meteorologist, John Cessarich was there as well! The light people were plugged in with extension cords and it was raining, but I guess safety is out the window when you got that Christmas spirit! You can read more about the Pelzer Light People by clicking on the link above! But here are some photos from our experience.  

Sorry for the quality.... these were taken on my phone!

Afterwards, we drove on up to the Roper Mt. Road lights, which Timothy loved!! I took him out of his carseat and let him watch from lap, and he eewwhhdd and awweeed and said wooowa a lot! He did call every reindeer a doggie, but hey,  they sort-of-kind-of do, I guess! Ha! Here are some pictures of the lights. It is a really great show to drive through, if you are in Greenville area.

 After all that excitement, we ended the night like I wish I could end every night, with a big ole drink from Starbucks! Yummy!! Salted Caramel goodness!

So, do y'all have any unique lights like these in your area? Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Timothy Tuesday

Well, before I showcase Tbird--today is my mom's birthday! So I have to take a minute to tell y'all how amazing she is!

My mom takes such great care of our family. She loves us and does everything she can to make us all happy. And we love her so much for the amazing lady she is! And, she is the best GiGi Timothy could ever ask for! So happy Birthday, mommy and GiGi, we love you!

Here are some fun photos I took of T a few weeks ago. He was hamming it up while we listened to music, danced and played. BTB had to work late that night, so we were living it up and having a blast!

Please pardon our messy living room, we are making memories!! :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hallmark Worthy??

Every year we send out a family Christmas card, with pictures. Picture cards are my absolute favorite. I love seeing all my friends and family year in and year out.

This year, I really don't know where the time went, but our family Christmas picture was just not happening. We ended up deciding to just get a picture of Timothy. Easy enough, right? My kid loves the camera and turns on the cheese every day for razzi, right? Umm.. wrong. Oh so, wrong!

Two timeouts and three meltdowns later, we had 96 pictures. Three, yes three, were sort of-ish workable for the card.  Here are mostly lowlights from the pictures mixed in with the few that we looked in to using! Please, be prepared to have a chuckle, totally at my expense.

And if you actually browsed all those photos, here is an added bonus for you...

Would you like to know how we actually got him in front of the tree looking at the camera? In defeat about an hour into these photos-- I laid on floor, belly down, and T sat on my hiney, facing BTB. I then army crawled under the tree with him on my hiney, and laying as flat as I can, while BTB got on the floor as flat as he could, to get the few we could actually use.

I am sure my description is just not doing this scene justice. Y'all, it was a sight to see! Soo Hallmarkesque! Tis the Season!