Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TGI....F? What?

I remember when I was younger, spending my Friday nights watching TGIF and eating pizza. If I was really-really lucky, I also had a friend spending the night with me.

In high school, Friday nights were all about HS football games and cheering on my dear ole Vikings. Afterwards, always going midnight bowling. (It was the only reason I was ever allowed to extend my curfew passed 11:00, so I loved it!)

While settling in to college, Friday nights became an extension of the week. Being carefree, hanging out with my sorority sisters, which usually involved us eating Mexican food. (How I didn’t gain 300 pounds in college is beyond me and laws of physics!)I think Friday lost a little of allure in college, where each day, for a number of reasons can feel like a Friday.

Back in the day picture of some of my besties! Heth, why do you look so short?
 Now, after long grueling weeks of balancing work and being a wife and mother, I appreciate  Fridays on a whole new level. That was until, this past Friday.

 BTB went skiing this past weekend with a friend of ours. Which left me with T all by my lonesome. Now, I realize I have friends and readers that may have husbands that are serving in our military that are away from their families constantly. I have more respect for you wives and mamas than you will ever know.

However, I have said on numerous occasions, I could not be a military wife. I am way too co-dependent for my hubs. I am totally aware of this flaw. I wish I could say that I am 100% independent woman (hear me roar!), but that is not who I am. {Total tangent, sorry.} So the idea of having T all to myself all weekend long left me with a crap ton of anxiety as I prepared for the weekend.

 Friday night  started out fine, despite my anxiety . I picked up happy meal for T (please don’t judge. My child has texture issues and will actually eat their nuggets and fries- so I don’t knock it) and sushi for myself. T ate all his food by the time we got home, but still wanted some milk when we walked in the door. I happily made the milk and handed it to him. His response was “nigh-nigh” Contrary to your definition of nigh-nigh, T’s definition is a little different. His means, “I want to go lay down upstairs and watch The Fresh Beat Band now, thank you.”  So up the stairs we go. I went ahead and changed his diaper, put on his jammers and he settled in on our bed watching his band.

 I thought as I went back downstairs, “wow, will this night really be this easy?” (BTW, never ever say this to yourself. It is the kiss of the death. It’s sort of like in horror movies when the one moron says to the group, “lets split up”) I was all cozy comfy in my jammers too, eating sushi, talking on twitter and watching Say Yes to The Dress. After I ate, I realized my child ever present singing voice, was noticeably absent. A little smile drew up in the corner of mouth. Could it be, could he be asleep? “What was I so worried about? “ I asked myself I snuck up the steps to check him out.

 By the time I got the landing, I peered in the room to see him sitting up, not asleep at all. But what was he doing? What had his attention? As I continued up the steps a horrible sight to be seen, T pulled his diaper, that he apparently took the time to first fill with poop--off. Not only was it off, he used his finger painting skills he learned at school to smear poop all over my bed, himself and he in all likelihood, brace yourself for this- ate some! {GAG me!}

I was a officially a hot mess. I just stood there for a second trying to determine where to even start. If BTB was there, it would be easy. He would get in the shower with him while I put everything in the washing machine. But here I was, alone! My Game Plan:
  • First things first-- get the poop and the diaper away from the child.
  • Next, I  would run everything that needed to be washing including both of jammers in the wash.
  • Then, a quick shower.
Before I could execute any portion of this plan, he threw up all over the place. (This is why I think he was eating a poo-poo platter!) I just laughed, a hysterical laugh and proceeded with my plan of action.

He screamed the entire time he was in shower with me. Bath time is daddy time, and I think this really confused him. After the bath, I brushed his teeth like a crazed dentist, got him a new bottle and put him to bed. I then stayed up for the laundry. Funny fact about the laundry though, this was the first time in approximately seven years that I have done the laundry from start to finish. Occasionally, BTB will ask for me to start the water for him or go ahead and throw stuff in, but he is crazy OCD about the laundry, so I gave up trying long ago, and he does it all!   

 When I was finally able to lay down. Wet hair and clean jammers, my thoughts went to the fact that it was a Friday night. I spent my Friday night not watching TGIF, or attending a football game or even eating dinner with friends. Nope, mine was spent cleaning up poop and vamit that wasn’t even my own. My, how time changes things!


David and Elizabeth said...

omg the dinasaurs!!!! you just brought back amazing childhood memories!

Marie said...

I used to watch those same shows as a kid! It is amazing how different your life becomes after having kids. By Friday night I'm ready to go to sleep early!!! Sorry you had to deal with that all on your own...I probably would have thrown up myself.

Karen said...

I loved those shows as well! Like you, I am dependent on my hubby for help with the kids. So much easier when it's 2 of you to handle stuff like that. We had a similar issue earlier this week :)

Sarah Way said...

Oh No! I did have to sort of laugh when you said he ate it. Then gag too!