Monday, March 5, 2012

Being at Peace with my Blog Topics

A lot of my Blissdom girls have spent the past week talking about being more present with their children and hubs. This is an areas where I think I need just a little improvement. 
I already don’t blog on the weekends (unless for a special occasion or to show y’all my rocking outfit for Clemson football games.)  I typically leave my phone in my purse or upstairs charging at night to avoid texting or tweeting. 

And the phone mostly stays out of sight and mind all weekend long. Just ask Megan and Heather, as they are the ones most trying to contact me on the weekend, and I fail to answer. Sorry, girls.

This weekend I took a lot of time to reflect on some topics I want to share on my blog. Some, I have barely talked about while  others I haven’t been brave enough to talk about, yet.

I am a little weary of doing this though. Erin said something at Blissdom that really hit home with me. “How do two people read the same exact post, and one offer support and the other accuse you of being something and/or someone you aren’t?”

I experienced this first hand last week after a nasty email about one of my posts. All I could think, “Erin is so right! I have one person comment that I have inspired them and another send me “hate” email.”

 Regardless, I did a post last week on the heart of blogging, and I have to keep good on my own advice. To blog from my heart. I have a laundry list of topics I want to share and would love your support and thoughts on.

So be warned/prepared: this blog is about to cover things you have not seen on here yet. I just  hope you will stick around and read them. 

Hopefully, that build-up won't be a let down when you read them.


Laura said...

I can't wait to see what you've got up sleeve. It can be so scary putting yourself out there, but good for you!

Pamela M said...

Love your strength and can't wait to see what comes next!!

Sarah Way said...

Good for you putting your family first. It is so hard. I struggle with this daily!

Kelley said...

I have hard time understanding how people read the exact same thing and get totally different meanings out of them.

But it is there loss if they take your words and twist them, you know what you mean.

Carrie said...

I have this same thought from time to time. I think I should be more transparent with my blog, I write a post and sits in my drafts. I get too anxious to oull the trigger and push publish!

AmandaDF said...

First of all, who could send you hate mail!?!?! That is just pure crazyness!

Second, I'm loving all of these post-blissdom posts! I'm getting so much inspiration from what you're sharing! Thank you!

tiffiney said...

haters don't have to read. delete it immediately. :) then make a praise folder in your email box to keep on the nice things...just in case you need a reference from time to time.

tiffiney said...

oops. sorry, mispell..."to keep ALL the nice things..."